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Alumni Corner

To date, more than 25000 students have passed out from Ganpat Vidyanagar. They all are connected with the institute through GNUI- Alumni Portal, namely Almashine, and they contribute to the development of the University. University organizes alumni meetings every year through its different chapters in India and abroad.

The overall objectives of the alumni association are as below:

  • To mentor students and provide guidance in their careers.
  • To exchange the views and experiences of Alumni for the betterment of students by periodically arranging lectures.
  • To establish, maintain, support, or encourage the library, and laboratory facilities for modernization, and development.
  • To provide interaction between technocrats of field and academicians to improve teaching techniques,
  • modify the courses and collaborate with similar organization for the furtherance of the objectie of the associatin.
  • To establish placement services for benefi of students.
  • To undertake directly and/or arrange by subsidizing to print, publish and circulate any newslettr, journals, bulletis, pamphlets etc. that the trust may fid desirable for promotin and furtherance of its objecties.
  • To help deserving past and present students fiancially for educatin purpose.
  • To amalgamate or be amalgamated with any establishment having similar objects.
  • The associatin shall be a non-profi organizatin.