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Paper publication details (Last 3 Years)

Sr.No Department of Faculty member Title of the Paper Name of the Author and Co-author(s) Type of Journal Name of the Journal (Write full name) Month of Publication ISSN Number Volume no.(Issue no.)-Page number (Eg., 8 (12) - 849-857) Name of Publishing body Year of Publication
1 Computer Science & Engineering Bandwidth utilization scheme for MIMO Co-operative Networks with 3G/4G Networks Aniket Patel National GIT-Journal of engineering and technology 2020-2021 ISSN-2249-6157 12th Volume,56-60 NA 2020-2021
2 Computer Science & Engineering Neonatal Monitoring System: Review and Future Directions Prashant Jani NA 2nd Online International Conference on Recent Development in Engineering & Technology 2020-2021 NA NA IEEE 2020-21
3 ICT Design of Wideband Bowtie Antenna using Tapered Balun for Industrial, Scientific and Medical Band Application Pravin Dalvadi, Amrut Patel, D. H. Patel, G. D. Makwana International International Journal of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering 44348 2306-708X Volume 10, Issue 3 International Journal of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering 2021
4 Computer Science & Engineering Reinforcement Learning for Multiagent-based
Residential Energy Management System
Aparna Kumari, Sudeep Tanwar† NA IEEE Global Communications Conference
7–11 December 2021
Dec-2021 NA NA IEEE 2021
5 Computer Science & Engineering Effective Privacy-Preserving Data Stream Mining Techniques: Review and
Future Directions
Aniket Patel, Dr. Kiran Amin International GIS SCIENCE JOURNAL Dec-2021 1869-9391 VOLUME 8, ISSUE 12, 2021 GIS SCIENCE JOURNAL 2021