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24 x 7 Lab Access Rules

(For accessing the Computer labs post college hours or during holidays)

As a gesture of giving facility to students, institute is positively trying to make the lab resources available to the students post college hours. A mature level of cooperation is expected from the students to maintain such facility for long and to facilitate the actual needy students.

 Students must read, understand and obey all following instructions before using laboratory facilities or services of the GNU-ICT CSE department post college hours (typically after 6.00 pm).

1.       Students must display their I-card while entering in the laboratory.

2.       Student must enter details into record book of the laboratory or on the security desk.

3.       Food and drinks are prohibited inside the laboratory.

4.       Students will be responsible for any damage or lost of equipment if found it is done by purpose.

5.       Student is prohibited to change computer settings.

6.       Student is not allowed to remove or relocate any computer equipment from its location without prior permission.

7.       Student must switch off the computer after usage to avoid energy waste and equipment damage.

8.       Do not install any program(s) from online or any other source without the knowledge of the technician in-charge: do not install or download any software or modify or delete any system files on any lab computers as most of these online software are MALWARES.

9.       The labs shall be utilized for Practical Lessons, Research and other Academic purposes. If other students are waiting to use the computer and you are not doing ACADEMIC related work, machines should be made free for them. The primary purpose of the lab is to assist with ACADEMIC related work.

10.   DO NOT USE THIS RESOURCE (Computer) FOR ANY OF ILLEGAL MEANS. (E.g. Hacking etc.)

11.   Any mispractices reported will not be tolerated and will tend to apply disciplinary actions in consequence.

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